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Equim'aide is a therapeutic equine mediation project:
The center of the activity is based on equine mediation sessions, around which respite stays, institutional breaks, therapeutic windows, initiation hikes, intergenerational days (schools and elders in rural areas) can  be developped.
The association offers a place of exchange and sharing, internships for people in training.
Equim'aide is a collegial association in which members participate in decision-making and are a source of proposals.

Notre projet: Qui sommes-nous

Equim'aide in three questions


A privileged place of welcome to create or recreate links. To develop abilities and learn with kindness.


The association offers supervised therapy and equine mediation sessions. Equim'aide is also an area for the exchange of knowledge (about human and equine well-being).


Anyone wishing to experience themselves emotionally, sensorially and physically through horses, with or without a disability, no age limit.

Notre projet: Liste
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