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Our allies


April, born in 2010

He embodies quiet strength. His imposing build hides a great sensitivity that his eyes reveal.

Lily, born in 2008

Lili is a kindly guide on the learning path.


Volka, born in 2008

Our Diva and herd leader knows how to adapt to any situations. Mare close to the man, always delighted to receive hugs.

Baroja, born in 2012

Our "Lil thunder" is always keen to discover new adventures, especially if there are treats involved.


Dexter, born in 2014

90 centimeters of love and sweetness.

Nos alliés: L'équipe

Viv'Up, née en 2009

Femelle, Poney français de selle, isabelle

Arrivée de Bretagne, Viv'up aime autant manger que venir chercher des "gratouilles".

Merci à son ancienne propriétaire et à Cheval Emoi pour leur confiance.


viv up.jpg
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